Outdoor Survival

Whether you are an aspiring outdoors-man or just someone who always ends up stranded in the middle of the road with a broken down engine (folks who own and drive an Alfa Romeo know this experience all too well), it is important to have a competent and trusty flashlight at your disposal.

What You Need on the Road or the Wilderness
strobeFlashlight with a Strobe Mode
Campers, hikers, and trekkers, regardless of how experienced they are, can get lost in the woods especially when it is dark or the weather is disagreeable. A flashlight with Strobe Mode feature might very well save your life as it can make it easier for you to be spotted by the rest of the group (or the Wildlife Rescue Team if the situation becomes too dire).
Keep in mind that the Strobe feature consumes a lot of power so you should only use it in the direst of circumstance (i.e. if you get lost in the woods between the hours of 7pm and 4am, or if you are about to become a cayote’s dinner)
At best, even heavy duty flashlights only last about 8 minutes in Strobe Mode (on a full charge) so use this feature wisely.

Hand Crank Flashlight
When it comes to outdoor survival, you have to combine your instincts and wits with a bit of elbow grease. In the case of hand crank flashlights, having one when braving the outdoors is wise especially since you do not have an endless supply of batteries or any access to a power outlet. If you get lost and run out of battery in the middle of the night, a hand crank flashlight can spell the difference between getting back to civilization in one piece or making the local morning news for getting mauled by a wild animal.

If you want to know what to look for when you want to buy a heavy duty light or just find more information here.

Long Range Flashlight/Tactical Flashlight
outdoorAny outdoors-man who is worth his salt knows that proper illumination is paramount when trekking/camping at night. Tactical flashlights usually have extremely long range beams, which makes for safer night-time strolling in the woods. You always need to see what is ahead of you (and sometimes what’s immediately behind) and this requires a flashlight that can light at least as far as 30 feet.

Flashlights and outdoor adventure is part and parcel of each other. If you hope to enjoy being in the wilderness sans losing essential body parts or incurring bodily damage, it is best to have the right type of flashlight at all times. Tactical flashlights may cost a pretty penny but they make for an excellent investment if you intend to be a serious outdoor enthusiast.